Risk Framing

By holistically framing risk into your own context, we create organic solutions to your most pressing problems.

Scenario Analysis

Navigating through modern environments with dynamic threats and shifting expectations requires foresight. Measuring your organization's tolerance for risk will help us set up a new framework for priorities to contend with the complexities and uncertainties in the future. We help organizations anticipate their risk futures through empirically-driven and imaginative scenario analysis that provides a solid grounding for overcoming ambiguities in risk management activities.

Individually tailored approaches seamlessly integrate risk management techniques.

Wargaming & Simulation

Being prepared with a plan is not enough when a cyber event happens. Practice makes perfect. As an organization, you need to be confident that your plan will execute as easily as it is to prepare. Our suite of customizable war game and table-top simulation tools provide the ability to test response plans, exercise executive decision making under uncertainty, and ensure effective internal and external communications.

Risk framing provides highly individualized perspectives to mitigating risk.

Alternative Approaches

Creating risk management solutions to your organization's unique cybersecurity and privacy challenges requires more than the usual approach. Every organization has its own set of biases and incentives that affect thinking about risk and that distort vexing problems. We will work with you to overcome these through counterfactual and design thinking, and consequence analyses to leverage the culture, insights, and challenges unique to each organization. Our application of uncovering these opportunities develops problem-solving practices that are necessary but still integrate organically with your organization.

Not sure of your risk? Let us find out.