Improving an organization’s ability to manage cybersecurity and privacy risk is the foundation for transforming risk into business opportunity.

Assessing and Improving Organizational Maturity

Our approach to assessing an organization’s capacity in managing cybersecurity and privacy risk is rooted in a model that enables quantitative and qualitative measurements drawn from deep insights into organizational culture, mission, capacity, and structure. We move beyond a static view of organizational maturity that too often evaluates organizations against a “one size fits all” model and build on each organization’s unique strengths and challenges to assess where it is on its own unique journey.

Organizational Design

Designing organizations for cybersecurity and privacy is more complex than simply creating line and block charts. Our approach to organizational design begins with the first principals of mission outcome and organizational benefits. Effective organizational design aligns culture, communication paths, and business outcomes to reduce organizational friction, increase efficiencies, and reduce waste.

Risk Management Planning

Planning for cybersecurity and privacy risk must go beyond simply addressing vulnerabilities and compliance. Our planning methodology focuses on achieving strategic outcomes that can be operationalized most effectively within the current or planned organizational structure. Our three-tiered planning model is designed to integrate seamlessly within an organization vertically and horizontally.

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