Risk framing provides senior executives the perspective to understand cyber and privacy risk holistically and place it in the context of their organization.

Framing Cybersecurity and Privacy Risk

The process of framing risk is a highly individualized activity. Each organization must understand the context of the risk to their organization and overcome the cultural and cognitive biases that get in the way of recognizing and mitigating the risk. We provide tailored approaches that improve established enterprise risk management programs to more effectively and efficiently integrate and manage cyber and privacy risk.

Scenario Analysis

The process of effectively managing cybersecurity and privacy risk is often a problem of foresight. For organizations to know their tolerance for risks and to set priorities for resources and actions they must contend with the complexity and uncertainty of a future that is characterized by dynamic threats and shifting expectations. We help organizations anticipate their risk futures through empirically-driven and imaginative scenario analysis that provides a solid grounding for overcoming ambiguity that focuses risk management activities for maximum effect.

Wargaming and Executive Simulation

It is not enough to just have a plan for when a cyber event happens. Organizations need to be confident that their plans will actually work as expected. We provide organizations the tools to test those plans in a safe and risk-free environment. Our suite of customizable war game and table-top simulation tools provides organizations the ability to test response plans, exercise executive decision making under uncertainty, and ensure effective internal and external communications.

Alternative Approaches to Thinking

Creating risk management solutions to an organization’s unique cybersecurity and privacy challenges requires more than just applying “best practices” and “out-of-the-box” thinking. It requires problem solving approaches that overcome the numerous biases that affect thinking about risk and uncover opportunities to solve vexing problems. We work with organizations to tailor approaches to risk planning, including counterfactual and design thinking and consequence analyses, to leverage each organization’s unique culture, insights, and challenges to develop organic solutions to their most pressing problems.

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