Recognizing emerging risks early is the most effective way to manage cybersecurity and privacy risk and protect corporate value.

Anticipating and Overcoming Surprise

Avoiding surprise is the bedrock of risk management. Cybersecurity and privacy risks are accelerating at astounding rates and are shaped by an increasingly shifting landscape of consumer sentiment, policy and regulatory action at all levels of government, and increasing legal and reputational peril. Staying ahead of these risks is no longer a luxury but is now a business imperative.

Risk Warning

Warning of cybersecurity and privacy risks is a process of communicating the most important and relevant risks over time. Senior executives are inundated with a vast amount of media reporting on cybersecurity and privacy issues every day creating an environment that makes it nearly impossible to separate the signal from the noise. Our approach to communicating risk warning goes well beyond media monitoring and provides senior executives tailored insights and analysis from all sources of information to provide the critical intelligence required for the best risk-based decisions.

Managing Third-Party Risk

To manage across the full spectrum of cybersecurity and privacy risks an organization must look beyond itself and manage the risk posed to it from its vendors and partners. We take a holistic approach to managing third-party risk that includes assessing and monitoring third-party technical vulnerabilities, business processes, insurance coverage, and procurement and contracting risk mitigation.

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